Words from an old Soul. Focus your Energy’s

Focus your personal energy’s.  So they will reflect your true soul.

Optimistic, good hearted, seeing both sides of every situation you encounter, good or bad. Leading a helping hand when you see the need, with all the good things we are taught to do.   I use to think all these things would help to bring to me good Karma.     What you sow you will reap.  Yes I still believe this way. But my personal thinking has been tweaked some.

Let’s start this very basic.  We all have energy’s that we take in, and reflect back out.  Theses energy’s came in all forms.  Positive, and negative, happy and sad, high spirited and refrained.  Think of these energy’s as a laser beams.  Image you are in a room all alone.  You are feeling sad or upset about something going on in your life.  Image there is a light blue laser beam coming the core of your body.  This beam bends and reflects back at you as it bonces around the room.  You are also feeling a little happiness with something nice that had happened earlier.  But your thoughts are more on the sad thing.    So you see a second beam coming from your core this one is white, and not as bright as the blue one.  It is reflecting all around the room but in a little different area then the blue one.    Of curse there are many different colors that came from us, that make up our Aura.  Fot now we are just to focus on the 2.  Your life partner came home from a very hard day.  There are beams of blue and white coming from them as well.  Now there are several beams bouncing around the room.  The blue lasers are brighter then the white.  As the beams bouncing around the room can join together, making the beams stronger, and brighter.  So as they flow threw us.  Witch beams will leave the most energy in you as it passes threw?  Well of curse the blue ones, because they have more energy in them.

Hopefully that brakes down as simply as possible how our energy’s move.  Of curse the energy’s with strength will bonce further away, and have more energy as the bounce back threw us.    For myself, I know how we feel reflects around us and back threw us.  But I never really took the time to image it doing it.  This visionary proses  helped me see just how much of our environment we add to.

This year has been a rough year for most of us.  So when things in my little corner of the world was only reflecting back to me Negative energy’s.  I started looking for a reason WHY?  So I could work to change it back to positive.  Of curse I started with cleaning the energy in my home and environment. Usually this is enough to change the energy flow.  This time my efforts were in vain.  Nothing changed.  Well, ok, this one is more stubborn.  And I set out to remove it.  Threw this proses I thought of   every negative energy that I knew had crossed my path.  Dealing with each one to make sure I totally cleansed the area of it.  This did help, but still so much negative remained.  I was beginning to think that someone else’s negative energy has moved it.  Boy was I surprised! With what the universe told me.

Threw this whole prose, the one thing I did not look at was myself.  Surely I wasn’t the cause of all this negative energy.  I’m a very positive person.  Always looking for the silver lining behind everything in my environment. I do cleansing rituals of myself and my environment on a regular bases.  But I went ahold as did as I was guided to do. Expecting it to be a waist of my time.

After a few weeks of intense study and meditation, what I found shuck  me to my core.   Over this past year, of negative energy’s running like crazy threw my life.  Some of them had made themselves at home.  Knocking off the balance inside me.  My thoughts were more negative then they every have been.  Yes, I still believed if you put good out, good will return to you.  But it had changed.  I was trying to put out good, in hopes of attracting it back to me.  But this little voice in me kept repeating, this will not work.  The way I image it to look, was like having all these colorful beams coming from my core, but trying to get threw muddy water.  All the energy’s in me were dirtied, and changed by the muddy water.  Making even the positive energy’s not so positive anymore.  Making my environment flooded with negative dirty energy.  As soon as I saw the problem, it seemed to disappear. My whole mind set had changed, the muddy water was becoming clearer.  The many colors of beams started to bounce threw easier.  The negative ones became lighter.  The positive ones become brighter.  It was like I had walked threw a waterfall that cleaned all the way down to my soul.  On the other side waited a spiritual enlighten place.

It is not good enough to try to be a positive being. You must embraces it.  You must totally believe it.  You must believe we have the power to control our environment.  How can we expect  to attract the positive energy’s when we are reflecting them out threw muddy water.  Everything we are made of, shows it can not be done.

The key is to focus the energy’s within us.  Clear out the negative and not allow it to build to darken the waters it must pass threw.  Keep our energy’s focused on our purpose.  Go after it with a pure heart.  A heart that knows what you are doing will work.  Best way to put it is,  Get out of your own way.  Stop letting little doubts you hear from others, or think yourself be able to set up home within your energy.  Focus your energy on what you want to happen.  With no negative beams allowed to intrude. Allow positive energy to completely flow threw you, and out to others.

Focus your energy, it can not be used as a random thing.

By Tina R. Ward-.Mystic Rain.


Smokie Strong !

Smokie Strong !

From the ashes, rises awesome qualities.

S-selflessness                      S-supportive

M-memorable                                   T-trustworthy

O-outstanding                                    R-respectful

K-kindness                                          O-optimistic

I-inspirational                                   N-nourishing

E-encouraging                                   G-generous


On Nov 28, 2016 a huge wildfire spread threw Gatlinburg TN.  A forest fire that had been set by human at Chimney Top.  Wind of 85 mph rained burning embers down on the beautiful tourist town.  The fire spread so quickly it was a challenge for the over 14,000 people to evacuate.  Many people think more should have been done faster.  In my humble option, Evacuating over 14,000 people with only 14 deaths as of date.  Is a miracle in itself.  Yes it is a tragic that any lives were lost.  But reality tells us the cost could have been much higher.  With over 130 homes and businesses on fire at one time.  Any one that has visited this area, knows the area is compact. Making it very easy for the fires to spread very quickly.  Down town Gatlinburg was spared by the fire.  There was a lot of smoke damage, and ash to be cleaned up, with minim damages.    Gatlinburg will be opened to public as of Dec 9, 2016  The community is asking for everyone that had plains to came to the area, to keep there plains.  The best way for the area to get back on it’s feet is for visitor to stay and spend there money  there. ” The Smokie Mountains are still here, just a little scared.”

It would be easy to only see the devotion left from the event.  And there will be many that will look for all the bad in it.  The facts are, people have lost a lot of personal things, homes, businesses, and family member . Our hearts go out to everyone that this has effected.  Let’s look past the bad things to really see what has came out of this.

During this time of this  tragic event.  There was no reports of people looting the area.  No crime based issues, that made this harder then it already was.  Instead there are countless stories of bravery, helpfulness, compassion.to many to list them all here.  Not to mention, I doubt we have heard all the stories of hero’s from this event.  A couple that pop to mind.  The older lady’s going back to there cabin to get something they forgot.  On the way back there was a woman walking, they gave her a ride to keep her away from the flames and heat.  Another, of a man saving a bear cub, and the cub playing with him like a little dog.  A pet pig had dug under a burning house into the mud.  His life was spared even though the house burnt over him.    The people that were stuck in an elevator that served while the building burnt around them.  Countless stories of people opening up there homes to stranger that had lost everything.    From across the state of TN, donations starting pouring in, before the evacuated people had made it to the shelter.  So many donations in fact there wasn’t enough space to store them.  Then came the donation from other states.  All the firefighter that headed in help fight the fire.  And give the local firefighters a break for rest.  Countless numbers of’ Smokie Strong’ people that showed there true character of the Volunteer State.  I have enjoyed living in this area for over 12 years now.  Now the joy for the area has reached new heights.  Now, I’m PRCOUD to call TN my home.

Links to donate.  (WARNING) there are a few places that are taking advantage of this desire to to help out.  So please make sure you are donating on a true sight for Gatlinburg.  Here are a few that are true ones.



Links to pictures and video of the wildfire in Gatlinburg TN.

youtube inside edition

youtube of fire.




Threw the looking glass. Part II

Threw the looking glass. Part II

The journey threw the looking glass can be a hard to make.  Threw this journey we have seen things we love about ourselves, and things we don’t.  This can leave  you wondering what is next.  Where do I go from here?  Here is a basic idea of the next few steps to help guide you on your journey.

Step 1.

See the lesson, not the event.

Do not focus  so much on the event that has left an imprint on your soul.    The reason this event happen is to teach you something.  So focus on the lesson you were meant to learn.  One of my life events is how I was treated by my  mother.  It is very easy to dwell on the little events happened along the way.  Push beyond that.  Yes, all the little events hurt deeply.  But what did I learn from these events.  I learned to stand on my own.  It gave me a strong desire to live life my way.  It also showed me I would survive on my terms.  Especially when she passed away after I had my first child.  She was getting me ready to be able to handle being a mother without her.  For these things I’m grateful for.  Because I look at my children and my heart glows because I was strong enough to do it on my own.

Of curse, this is not as easy as it sounds.  But it can be done with a little hard work.  And reminding yourself, this journey is not about reliving the events.  Simply learn how this event changed you.

Keep in mind not all the lesson we learn are going to be good one.  You may learn where a bad attitude, or bad habit came from.  you may see something you don’t like about the imprint on your soul.  This is still a life lesson.  This gives you the chance to change this part of yourself for the better.

Step 2.

Reflect on the lesson, and how  it works for you today.

Once you have learned the lesson you are meant to learn.  Spend time thinking about how this lesson is benefiting you in your life today.      If you learned something that is not benefiting you today.  It is time to remove it from your life.  Change it for the better.  This is how we move forward in life.   I’m a firm believer that we keep living threw certain things until we learn the lesson meant for us.  Especially the hard lessons.  When we take time to take a hard look at the lessons, we can see what we are meant to learn.  Making it possible to move forward.

Look at it like this: When learning math as a child.  You had to learn multination tables before you could learn to do division. There are steps to learning.  And we can not move ahead to the next lesson until we learn the first step.  Our lives are the same way.

Step 3.

Make changes as needed.

Learning the lesson from a life event is not enough.  Sometimes this lessons show us we need to make changes in our lives.  So we can be the best person we are meant to be.  Plus this helps us find the happiness inside ourselves.  That everyone is looking for.  No one wants to be miserable.  If you choose to see the lesson, and do not make changes as needed.  You are just pushing your happiness within deep down.  Making it harder to find. Kinda like school lesson again.  If you know your math problem is wrong and choose to not fix it.  You are choosing to get a lesser grade on the paper.  You saw the mistake.  But choose not to take the time to correct it.  No one to blame but your self.

The reason we all have life events is to teach us what we need to find ultimate happiness.  We’ve been giving the tools to get it.  We just need how to use the tools we have been giving.  Will you use these tools for revenge?   Or will you use these tools to build a better you, witch builds a better future for everyone around us?

The choose is yours.  Step threw the looking glass, to make a better you.  Or just see the blurry image you think you see.

Sending out strength, courage, and self love to all those brave enough to step threw the looking glass.


Threw the looking glass.

Threw the looking glass.

Where we find the answers we are looking for.

How many times have you passed a mirror, and stopped to make sure your hair isn’t sticking up, or to whip something off your face?  Like many people, more times then you can count, I’m sure.

How many times have you stopped  at that same mirror to look way inside yourself?  Like many people, very few times if any.  We are more concerned with how people see us, then how we see ourselves.  Everyone wants to show there best.  If there is something on your face.  People will be detracted by what is on your face, not on what you have to say.  Makes perfect since.  We have a short time to make a good impression.

Let’s take a moment to really looking into that mirror.  When I look into the mirror ‘ I see an old lady staring back at me.  I wish these winkles would go away.  I wish I had perfect teeth.’  We all have things we wish we could change when we look a little closer in mirror.  Take a step back.  “What else do you see?”  I see’ a person that is very unhappy, lonely, broken…..’  What do you see?  Now your are stepping threw the looking glass.  You are looking into your soul.  Do you like what you see?    Take a good look at the image in front of you.  How are you standing?  What does your body language tell you?  Are you smiling, or frowning?  Most people have never stopped to really look into themselves.  To really see how other people truly see us.  Or how we truly see ourselves.  Don’t waist time trying to   find out what made you the way you are.  No one can change how the pass events have effected us.  For the better or the worst.  Just look at what it truly is.  Do you like what you see there?   “I like the fight in my eyes.  But I don’t like the fact that fight in my eyes keeps people away from me.”  ” I like the ambition I see, but I don’t like that I hurt people to be ambitions.”  Life has shaped us into the soul standing in front of you.  Ever now and then we all need to take a good look at what has been shaped inside of us.  Just because life shapes us into a certain person, doesn’t mean we must stay in that shape.  We have the power to change it into something we want everyone to see.  Something we want to share with people.  But before anyone can be fine tuned into the perfect shape.  First you must really look at it.  To see what needs to change.

No matter how we try to impress people.  No one will truly  see it, if you don’t see it yourself.  They can only see what you are willing to show.   If your soul is misshaped, that is what people will see.  No matter how hard we try to look good in the mirror.  The mirror within will always shine brighter.  So in order to really make a good impression with other people.  Your inner self needs to show it.

This is the first of many post about looking deeper into ourselves.  To learn what, who, how, when, about ourselves.

This topic has came from a personal journey to find out why I am the way I am, and how I can  change it into something I’m proud of.  Hopefully to find balance and a new energy for my life.  And hopefully help a few people along the way.  I look forward to see you on the journey threw the looking glass.

Words from an old soul.


Does not mean: the ablity to count.

It has a much larger meaning.  That has been forgoten in todays world.  Weather it was forgotten because both parents work, or the parents didnt want to be as hard on there kids as they were done.  Or, this baby has been threw so much in life already.  It boils down to excuses.  Excusess for being lazy.  

Without accountablity for our action, the world becomes a scary place of crime, voilence, and fear.

Without accountablity, people became very self center.  And feel they can do what ever they want no matter who it hurts.  

The best way to teach accountablity.  Is to start at a young age.  This is the time we learn best.  And the out come is less dramaic, and life changing.  When this lissen is learned with small things.  The big things will turn out much better.

Sadly, so many have not been taught accountablity.   The results can be seen everyday on the news.  It is heart braking.  Especaily when you know all of it could have avoilded with the lissen had been learned early in the life.

Well no one can go back in time, and do what needs to be done.  All we can do is be accountality for ourselves.  And teach the younger one early.

Making friends – with yourself.

This sounds very simple.  Of corse Im friends with myself.  The truth is most of us are not.  We are harder on ourselves then anyone else in our lives.

I have found this true about myself.  Plus seeing it come out in my adult girls.  It is one thing to work on being a better person.  Quite another to be so hard on yourself that you see everything that is wrong about yourself.  And nothing good.  When we do this, we are our own worest enmy.  

For many years we have been the person everyone needs us to be.  Mom, daughter, sister, co worker, and more.    It is easy to forget we need to be friends with ourselves to.  Take time to spend time with yourself, learning what you realy like about yourself.  What you want to work on.  What things you want to spend more time doing.  When we like ourselves, we are a happier person.  Other people like being around happy people.

So many people look for happiness in so many places, and never find it.  Because happiness cames from within us.  So do something specail for the most important friend you have.

Our Time.

The kids are adults now.  Even if they dont want to act like they are.  Our main job as parents is drawing to an end.  Yes, our kids will always need us.  And of corse we will be here for them.  

As this part of the journey draws to an end, a new part has been waiting paitently for us to arrive.    What will we do with this free time we find on our hands?  The answers will very as much as our lives have.  These next steps will tie a bow on all the strings of life so far.  We will find out more about ourselves.  We find out more about the people that share our lives.  We will decide what, and who will stay in our lives.  We will find new things to bring into our lives.  The possiblities are endless.  With the wisdom of years make your chooses wisely.  So this part of the journey is filled with happiness.

One topic I want to touch on is rekindling your relationships.  There has been over 18 years of destractions.  Take time to get to know each other again.  Start doing the little things you did in the beginning.  Write little notes for them.  Leave little reminders, letting them know how you feel.  Yes, this should have been done all along.  But truth is, those little that mean so much are the first to stop doing.  This is our time!  So dont let a moment pass you by.