A common connection threw music.

The driving drumming,  the leading guitar, the pushing  base, the inspiring words, that came straight from our heats.  The reflections of our souls, put in motion.

All music is a reflection of our souls.  Country, Rap, Oldies, Jazz, Heavy Metal, ext.  They all tell the story of our lives.  They can pull the heart ache out so easily.  They lift our spirits when we are running low.  They bring cherished  memories of  a better time.  Reminding us of our youthful desires, the people that helped us became who we are today.  They explain the feeling that can not be said out loud.

Music touches the souls of everyone in one way are another.  Have you ever just stopped, and really thought about how important music is to you?  No matter what kind of music you prefer.  How would you fill if one day all the music just stopped?  Would you be able to keep moving forward with a bounce in your steps? For me, the day the music stops is the day my heart will stop.

Growing up, I was blessed with a musical family.  My Father, and my brother played in a country band.  All the members of the band, and there families, were my family.  Every event threw the years always involved music.  Even though they were a small band, that never made it to the radios.  They were popular in our area.  And always played at the town fairs, and such.  I would just set close by and lesson.  The music always moved my soul, and I never set for long.  I would be up dancing around.  Couldn’t help myself.  It was like I was being pulled by an unseen force.  That has never changed.

Even though the main people in this band did not play on the radio’s.  There were many  of people that played with them threw the years that did make it big.  When ever they were in town, they would always came back and play with them.  I always thought this was great.  Being able to be around someone who made it big.  But would still show they honored where they got started.  Great memories.  I’m grateful for the blessing of being around music since before I could walk.

Music heals the soul, when you allow it to.  With a good upbeat song you can wash away the darkest of moods.  With the right song you can remember a life long forgotten.  With the right song the heart ache of a lost love can bring a wave of peace.

This year we have lost a few of the greats in music.  We all mourn there passing.  We feel connected to them, because they have pulled us threw our lives.  Reminding us we are not alone in our struggles, our blessing, with the demands of day to day life.  Take encouragement in the fact.  Their souls may not be here with us anymore.  But they left us so much to remember them by.  They have left there emotions for us.  It is only a Google search away.   We honor them every time we let there music heal our souls.

In the words of Prince:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life.



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