Our Time.

The kids are adults now.  Even if they dont want to act like they are.  Our main job as parents is drawing to an end.  Yes, our kids will always need us.  And of corse we will be here for them.  

As this part of the journey draws to an end, a new part has been waiting paitently for us to arrive.    What will we do with this free time we find on our hands?  The answers will very as much as our lives have.  These next steps will tie a bow on all the strings of life so far.  We will find out more about ourselves.  We find out more about the people that share our lives.  We will decide what, and who will stay in our lives.  We will find new things to bring into our lives.  The possiblities are endless.  With the wisdom of years make your chooses wisely.  So this part of the journey is filled with happiness.

One topic I want to touch on is rekindling your relationships.  There has been over 18 years of destractions.  Take time to get to know each other again.  Start doing the little things you did in the beginning.  Write little notes for them.  Leave little reminders, letting them know how you feel.  Yes, this should have been done all along.  But truth is, those little that mean so much are the first to stop doing.  This is our time!  So dont let a moment pass you by.


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