The saying of a life time.  Tomo will be better. 

Being on this earth for 40 + years.  I have heard and said this more times then can be counted.  It is a natural thing to say when things are not going very well that day.

A few days ago,  while trying to encourage a personal friend.  She said.

“No tomo will not be better.  It will be just like today.”

I wasn’t sure how to reply to this statement.  There was no proof that tomorrow would be better.  No words could change her disappointment in life.  No matter how much I wanted to make it so.    We have all been on that side of life.  Everything looks so dark and hopeless.  And even though our friends, and family mean well.  This statement didn’t make anything better.

After much thought on this statement, and my friends reaction to it.  I see that her statement is very true.  Tomorrow will not be any different then today.  Unless we do something today to make tomorrow better.

This came to light a little later in our conversation when I was trying to offer ways it could be better tomo.  Her reply, “If things were different, that would work.”    The words of my friend was a lightbulb moment for me.  That I wish she would have seen as well.

We get use to living life the way we are expected to  live it.  From what I’ve seen this always brings a person to feelings of hopelessness, trying to live the life we should.  The whole point is, if things being different will make tomo better.  Then it is time to make things different today.  So our tomo’s can be better. Life is all about making chooses.  Either choose to live a life that is disappointing to you and your little family.  Or choose to make changes for a better tomo for you and your little family.  It can be that easy if you let it be.

Making changes in our lives is hard to do. The what if’s, takes control of our decisions.

” What if they are right, and I fail? ,  What if I change this one little thing and I lose my friends?  What if……”

These words will stop you in tracks towards making things better.  So answer the questions.  “What if they are right, and you fail?”  Will failure end your life right then?  No, use the experience to learn how to do it better next time.  “What if I change this one little thing and lose my friends?”  The truth is, your real friends will not leave you because you are making changes to better your life.  They will support you no matter what.    Take time to answer the what if questions.  Just remember to answer it both ways.  “What if I fail?”    “What if you succeed?”   “What if I lose friends?”  “What if you make more real  friends by being your true self?”

Life is full of chooses, “What will I make for dinner tonight?”  “What outfit will I ware to the job interview?”  So make the chooses that will better your life too.  Not just the little ones.  Take control of your tomorrow.  Make it better then today.

Start today!  Don’t let the little word “if”, stop you from living your life the way you want to live it.  Don’t let fear pf failure keep you from trying.  Don’t let the negative remarks of others keep you from proving them wrong.

Wishing everyone a better tomorrow then today.

Tina R. Ward.












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