Words from an old soul.


Does not mean: the ablity to count.

It has a much larger meaning.  That has been forgoten in todays world.  Weather it was forgotten because both parents work, or the parents didnt want to be as hard on there kids as they were done.  Or, this baby has been threw so much in life already.  It boils down to excuses.  Excusess for being lazy.  

Without accountablity for our action, the world becomes a scary place of crime, voilence, and fear.

Without accountablity, people became very self center.  And feel they can do what ever they want no matter who it hurts.  

The best way to teach accountablity.  Is to start at a young age.  This is the time we learn best.  And the out come is less dramaic, and life changing.  When this lissen is learned with small things.  The big things will turn out much better.

Sadly, so many have not been taught accountablity.   The results can be seen everyday on the news.  It is heart braking.  Especaily when you know all of it could have avoilded with the lissen had been learned early in the life.

Well no one can go back in time, and do what needs to be done.  All we can do is be accountality for ourselves.  And teach the younger one early.


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