Smokie Strong !

Smokie Strong !

From the ashes, rises awesome qualities.

S-selflessness                      S-supportive

M-memorable                                   T-trustworthy

O-outstanding                                    R-respectful

K-kindness                                          O-optimistic

I-inspirational                                   N-nourishing

E-encouraging                                   G-generous


On Nov 28, 2016 a huge wildfire spread threw Gatlinburg TN.  A forest fire that had been set by human at Chimney Top.  Wind of 85 mph rained burning embers down on the beautiful tourist town.  The fire spread so quickly it was a challenge for the over 14,000 people to evacuate.  Many people think more should have been done faster.  In my humble option, Evacuating over 14,000 people with only 14 deaths as of date.  Is a miracle in itself.  Yes it is a tragic that any lives were lost.  But reality tells us the cost could have been much higher.  With over 130 homes and businesses on fire at one time.  Any one that has visited this area, knows the area is compact. Making it very easy for the fires to spread very quickly.  Down town Gatlinburg was spared by the fire.  There was a lot of smoke damage, and ash to be cleaned up, with minim damages.    Gatlinburg will be opened to public as of Dec 9, 2016  The community is asking for everyone that had plains to came to the area, to keep there plains.  The best way for the area to get back on it’s feet is for visitor to stay and spend there money  there. ” The Smokie Mountains are still here, just a little scared.”

It would be easy to only see the devotion left from the event.  And there will be many that will look for all the bad in it.  The facts are, people have lost a lot of personal things, homes, businesses, and family member . Our hearts go out to everyone that this has effected.  Let’s look past the bad things to really see what has came out of this.

During this time of this  tragic event.  There was no reports of people looting the area.  No crime based issues, that made this harder then it already was.  Instead there are countless stories of bravery, helpfulness, many to list them all here.  Not to mention, I doubt we have heard all the stories of hero’s from this event.  A couple that pop to mind.  The older lady’s going back to there cabin to get something they forgot.  On the way back there was a woman walking, they gave her a ride to keep her away from the flames and heat.  Another, of a man saving a bear cub, and the cub playing with him like a little dog.  A pet pig had dug under a burning house into the mud.  His life was spared even though the house burnt over him.    The people that were stuck in an elevator that served while the building burnt around them.  Countless stories of people opening up there homes to stranger that had lost everything.    From across the state of TN, donations starting pouring in, before the evacuated people had made it to the shelter.  So many donations in fact there wasn’t enough space to store them.  Then came the donation from other states.  All the firefighter that headed in help fight the fire.  And give the local firefighters a break for rest.  Countless numbers of’ Smokie Strong’ people that showed there true character of the Volunteer State.  I have enjoyed living in this area for over 12 years now.  Now the joy for the area has reached new heights.  Now, I’m PRCOUD to call TN my home.

Links to donate.  (WARNING) there are a few places that are taking advantage of this desire to to help out.  So please make sure you are donating on a true sight for Gatlinburg.  Here are a few that are true ones.

Links to pictures and video of the wildfire in Gatlinburg TN.

youtube inside edition

youtube of fire.