We believe in the dreams of our children.  Why is it so hard to believe in our own?

When it cames to the dreams of my children, I believe they can reach the stars.  And I work towards helping them set up life in order to be able to reach their dreams.  So why is it so hard for me to be able to do the same for my own dreams?

Whatever the reason is, it must be dealt with.  In order to get out of our own way. To reach theses dreams.  All you need is to believe your dreams are just as important as the dreams of our children.  Not to mention, if we dont believe in our dreams, and reach them.  How will our children be able to do it to?  As parents, Autie’s, big Sister, we teach the younger one by our actions.  If we do not believe in ourselves, how will they know how to believe in themselves.  So, to break it down.  We are not being shefish by doing this.  We are teaching the young, plus bringing inner peace, and happiness to ourselves.  That is a win win for everyone involved.  So, how could that be a bad thing.

This is information I wish I knew when I was in my 20’s, raising my girls. I do feel there lives might have turned out a lot happier, and smoother.  As I have watched my girls grow into women.  I see them struggling with the same issues I did at that age.  If I had done things a little different then.  There lives would be a little easier.  Because they would have learned these lessons threw me.  Of corse none of us can go back in time and change anything.  But I do hope it is not to late for them to learn a few lessons from mom.  Hopefuly they will see as I learn it.  And not need to wait so long to reap the benifits.

Believe in youurself. Believe in your dteams.  Watch them grow.  No matter the age  Set your life up in a way so your dreams come true.  “Believe.”


By Tina R. Ward./


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