The journey threw the looking glass can be a hard to make.  Threw this journey we have seen things we love about ourselves, and things we don’t.  This can leave  you wondering what is next.  Where do I go from here?  Here is a basic idea of the next few steps to help guide you on your journey.

Step 1.

See the lesson, not the event.

Do not focus  so much on the event that has left an imprint on your soul.    The reason this event happen is to teach you something.  So focus on the lesson you were meant to learn.  One of my life events is how I was treated by my  mother.  It is very easy to dwell on the little events happened along the way.  Push beyond that.  Yes, all the little events hurt deeply.  But what did I learn from these events.  I learned to stand on my own.  It gave me a strong desire to live life my way.  It also showed me I would survive on my terms.  Especially when she passed away after I had my first child.  She was getting me ready to be able to handle being a mother without her.  For these things I’m grateful for.  Because I look at my children and my heart glows because I was strong enough to do it on my own.

Of curse, this is not as easy as it sounds.  But it can be done with a little hard work.  And reminding yourself, this journey is not about reliving the events.  Simply learn how this event changed you.

Keep in mind not all the lesson we learn are going to be good one.  You may learn where a bad attitude, or bad habit came from.  you may see something you don’t like about the imprint on your soul.  This is still a life lesson.  This gives you the chance to change this part of yourself for the better.

Step 2.

Reflect on the lesson, and how  it works for you today.

Once you have learned the lesson you are meant to learn.  Spend time thinking about how this lesson is benefiting you in your life today.      If you learned something that is not benefiting you today.  It is time to remove it from your life.  Change it for the better.  This is how we move forward in life.   I’m a firm believer that we keep living threw certain things until we learn the lesson meant for us.  Especially the hard lessons.  When we take time to take a hard look at the lessons, we can see what we are meant to learn.  Making it possible to move forward.

Look at it like this: When learning math as a child.  You had to learn multination tables before you could learn to do division. There are steps to learning.  And we can not move ahead to the next lesson until we learn the first step.  Our lives are the same way.

Step 3.

Make changes as needed.

Learning the lesson from a life event is not enough.  Sometimes this lessons show us we need to make changes in our lives.  So we can be the best person we are meant to be.  Plus this helps us find the happiness inside ourselves.  That everyone is looking for.  No one wants to be miserable.  If you choose to see the lesson, and do not make changes as needed.  You are just pushing your happiness within deep down.  Making it harder to find. Kinda like school lesson again.  If you know your math problem is wrong and choose to not fix it.  You are choosing to get a lesser grade on the paper.  You saw the mistake.  But choose not to take the time to correct it.  No one to blame but your self.

The reason we all have life events is to teach us what we need to find ultimate happiness.  We’ve been giving the tools to get it.  We just need how to use the tools we have been giving.  Will you use these tools for revenge?   Or will you use these tools to build a better you, witch builds a better future for everyone around us?

The choose is yours.  Step threw the looking glass, to make a better you.  Or just see the blurry image you think you see.

Sending out strength, courage, and self love to all those brave enough to step threw the looking glass.



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