Making friends – with yourself.

This sounds very simple.  Of corse Im friends with myself.  The truth is most of us are not.  We are harder on ourselves then anyone else in our lives.

I have found this true about myself.  Plus seeing it come out in my adult girls.  It is one thing to work on being a better person.  Quite another to be so hard on yourself that you see everything that is wrong about yourself.  And nothing good.  When we do this, we are our own worest enmy.  

For many years we have been the person everyone needs us to be.  Mom, daughter, sister, co worker, and more.    It is easy to forget we need to be friends with ourselves to.  Take time to spend time with yourself, learning what you realy like about yourself.  What you want to work on.  What things you want to spend more time doing.  When we like ourselves, we are a happier person.  Other people like being around happy people.

So many people look for happiness in so many places, and never find it.  Because happiness cames from within us.  So do something specail for the most important friend you have.