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How many times have you passed a mirror, and stopped to make sure your hair isn’t sticking up, or to whip something off your face?  Like many people, more times then you can count, I’m sure.

How many times have you stopped  at that same mirror to look way inside yourself?  Like many people, very few times if any.  We are more concerned with how people see us, then how we see ourselves.  Everyone wants to show there best.  If there is something on your face.  People will be detracted by what is on your face, not on what you have to say.  Makes perfect since.  We have a short time to make a good impression.

Let’s take a moment to really looking into that mirror.  When I look into the mirror ‘ I see an old lady staring back at me.  I wish these winkles would go away.  I wish I had perfect teeth.’  We all have things we wish we could change when we look a little closer in mirror.  Take a step back.  “What else do you see?”  I see’ a person that is very unhappy, lonely, broken…..’  What do you see?  Now your are stepping threw the looking glass.  You are looking into your soul.  Do you like what you see?    Take a good look at the image in front of you.  How are you standing?  What does your body language tell you?  Are you smiling, or frowning?  Most people have never stopped to really look into themselves.  To really see how other people truly see us.  Or how we truly see ourselves.  Don’t waist time trying to   find out what made you the way you are.  No one can change how the pass events have effected us.  For the better or the worst.  Just look at what it truly is.  Do you like what you see there?   “I like the fight in my eyes.  But I don’t like the fact that fight in my eyes keeps people away from me.”  ” I like the ambition I see, but I don’t like that I hurt people to be ambitions.”  Life has shaped us into the soul standing in front of you.  Ever now and then we all need to take a good look at what has been shaped inside of us.  Just because life shapes us into a certain person, doesn’t mean we must stay in that shape.  We have the power to change it into something we want everyone to see.  Something we want to share with people.  But before anyone can be fine tuned into the perfect shape.  First you must really look at it.  To see what needs to change.

No matter how we try to impress people.  No one will truly  see it, if you don’t see it yourself.  They can only see what you are willing to show.   If your soul is misshaped, that is what people will see.  No matter how hard we try to look good in the mirror.  The mirror within will always shine brighter.  So in order to really make a good impression with other people.  Your inner self needs to show it.

This is the first of many post about looking deeper into ourselves.  To learn what, who, how, when, about ourselves.

This topic has came from a personal journey to find out why I am the way I am, and how I can  change it into something I’m proud of.  Hopefully to find balance and a new energy for my life.  And hopefully help a few people along the way.  I look forward to see you on the journey threw the looking glass.


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