Here is wonderfully written piece on finding our Happiness. Witch has helped me see where my path has gotten of course. We ware so many different mask in our lives. It is easy to lose yourself in them.

Close to You

sunshine2 Photo courtesy: Your amazing places

You would be happy forever if you don’t know the unhappiness. The birds are happy, children are happy because they don’t know the unhappiness.  But, when one experiences the unhappiness ever, he starts to run after happiness. We do that because happiness is our natural phenomenon and unhappiness is unnatural to us. That’s why; when stress or whatever cases of unhappiness comes into our judgment, we immediately try to loose that and go back to our original nature that is “happy you” or “happy me”. So, we don’t need to run after happiness. It belongs to us all. Our originality is our happiness.

Merely, the sad thing is most of us are not expressing our genuine nature. We love to shield our originality by creating  several types of mask. We are getting  bound by the social formalities, the pressure of “should or shouldn’t” and…

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