What is Energy?

A post from a wonderful writer, that I feel should be shared. Every word is very true. This is also something I try to practice in my life. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are the key. Thank you SpiritualJourney17.


As you sit there reading this post, energy flows around you and through you from radio waves, television, cell phones and electricity. All energy holds a frequency of vibration, even physical matter, and this frequency will either move slow or fast, depending on the density of the physical matter.

Therefore, all matter – the chair you are sitting on – and of course the human body itself – is made up of energy.

Nikola Tesla observed that the universe is a sea of energy. Energy comprises 98% of the Universe and matter only 2%.

As Oprah stated “One of the truths I most deeply believe is that everything in life – eeevvveerrryy thing – is energy.”

Our thoughts are energy. We are responsible for everything we do, based on our intent – so it is important to become consciously aware of what we think before we act.

On average, the…

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