With the arrival of spring.  It is hard to ignore the awakening going on.

Sitting at my kitchen table, aimlessly looking out the window.  A flock of birds gathered in my yard.  While watching them fly, swop, and play.  How I wished I could be one of them.
No worries, no struggles, no inner pain to work threw.  Free to fly, swop, and play as they desired.
I was inspired.  Like one of them had whispered to my soul.  “You can be free to.”  In that moment all the pain, and worrying seemed to fly away on there wings.  For the first time in a good while.  My heart felt light.
Could it really be that easy?  Letting go of everything holding me back.  Well, maybe it could if I let it be.
This inspired me to do just that.  Let everything holding me back GO.  I imaged I was flying with them.  And let the strings that hold, fly away in the winds behind me.  When I came back to myself.  I felt so free.  Imaging this cleared away the clutter in my head.  I could finally see it was myself holding me back.  Well, at least letting myself be held back from the things around me.
I choose for these strings to unimportant things hold me back any longer.  I choose to be free.

What will inspire you to live a happy, peaceful, more free you?


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