This statement is very true.  It is the best advice you can give yourself.  When we talk with loved one.  We dont say mean, degrading things to them.  Because we love them.  Is the same true for what we tell ourselves?

More often then not, we telling ourselves all kinds of degrading things.  Sometimes we are replaying what others have told us.  Sometimes it is how we truely feel.  If we love ourselves, we would not say nasty things.  This is a habit we het use to.  The outcome is self loathing.  Not self loving.

This habit can be broke.  It does take time to do.  Everytime you catch yourself talking nasty to yourself.  Stop, realy think about what you are saying.  Is it true?  Is it something you would tell your loved ones?  Will it help bring positive engeries into you?

When this was brought to my attention.  I told myself. “This will be waist of time. I know I love myself.”  Boy was I suprised!!  The things I told myself, I wouldnt say out loud to anyone or thing.  No wonder I felt so bad about myself,  and not able to reach my goals.  My life cough was a mean, hatful bitch. Who hated everyone and everything.    Right then I saw things must change.  What we tell ourselves is how we realy see things. I didnt want to be this mean, hateful bitch, that hates everything.  I always saw myself as loving, spirtual person.  So that is what I started telling myself.  I removed all the bad sayings, and added uplifting, spirtaul, happy things.  Within a few days.  I was feeling much better in side.  No wonder, I kicked out the hateful bitch that was holding me back.  Blocking me from the love, happiness, and fullfilment I truely wanted.

Everyone should do this.  You will be suprised at how freeing it is.  And the doors it opens up in your life.

Of corse this is work towards my mastet piece.  Work being the word.  It takes work to change a bad habit, no matter the habit.  Just reminding yourself, you are working on a mastet piece.


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