Inside the depths of the soul, lies the answer to inner peace.

Open minded, soul seaching, aware, kind hearted,  and giving.  This how I use to describe myself.  Like most woman, my life has revolved around other people.  The descrisption above is and was true.  But it was all for the wrong people.  I forgot the most imporant person.  “Myself.”   many of use are guilty of this.

We’ve heard others say, “You must take time for yourself.”  Like so many things we push it aside.  No time, I need to get this done first, If only.  Our brains automaticaly makes excusses.  Because as weman we are raised to put other first.  By doing this , we are setting up our loved ones for failure.  Especaily our gitls.

Is there anyone who wants to lose themselves?  Anyone who wants to be a sad, unhappy person?  The answer should be no.  But the way we set up our lives says, yes we want to be unhappy.  We get so busy helping, doing, working, cleaning, keep peace in the family. That we slowly loss sight of what we wanted in the beginging.  It happens so slowly, we dont notice it.  Until one day we are standing in the middle of nowhere, wondering why we are so sad.

For me,  I found myself in this terrible place a few months ago.  I decided to give up on a 20 yr relationship.  The main reason, I was tired of keeping the peace at the cost of my happeness.  I had hit rock bottem in my life.  I was so empty, so alone, so sad, and totaly hopeless.  This is when I started doing what I needed to do for me.  I dug into my soul, and began removing all the shit.  This process is still on going.  Now I try to look at myself as master piece in progress.  Yes , there are days when I want to crumble it all up and start over.  But the word is progress.

In the short tine I have been working on this.  My heart has become lighter.  The laughter cames easier.  My goal is to help other woman be able to do the same.  Of corse what works for me may not work for others.  The main way to help others, guve them a place to talk about there struggles to find there master piece.  A place where others are on the same journey. That understand the struggle.  Give encouragment, understanding, and new things to try.

Welcome to all the woman that are ready to find inner peace. May ever step you take move you towards your master piece.


5 thoughts on “The hardest journey, is the one inside.

  1. Beautiful, strong piece of writing. Very apt for International Women’s Day. May you have success on your journey in life working on yourself and giving yourself the time and attention you need. Self-love is so important 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for writing yours. I found it very inspiring. Thank you for being ok with me rebloging it. I knew other people needed to read it. It does appear we are on the same path. Im sure we will see mich more of each other.


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